Mantle Jack Luna
Mantle Jack Luna

Mantle Jack Luna

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Luna is a repurposed clock mantlepiece turned into a lantern and shadow box. The base has been cleaned and touched up slightly. Luna's face is based on old Halloween paper cut-outs. In the window sits a vintage plastic jack-o-lantern that houses the LED light, an acrylic haunted house, and a 1950s Rosbro pumpkin scarecrow candle container (valued at $50). A mini shelf has been added under the face for another light to sit. Change up the decor inside each year.

❥ Acrylic jack-o-lantern face is engraved & painted
❥ One-of-a-kind
❥ 2 Lights Included
❥ Measures 5” x 10” x 16”


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